ICA History

Its roots date from 1912, when a group of German hairdressers organized the “Internationale Gesellschaft der Damen-Coiffeure,” (IGDC). In April 1925, this German association was transformed into an international association with the addition of Swiss and English members at the first World Congress in Hamburg, Germany.

After the end of the war, the association moved its headquarters to Paris, reflecting that city’s post-war stature as the capital of the hairdressing world. During the first World Conference in 1925, the founders of what would grow into Intercoiffure Mondial adopted the pentagram or five-pointed star as its symbol. This iconic image represents Intercoiffure’s core values of honesty, reason, justice, reconciliation and diligence. The most basic prerequisite of membership has always been that an Intercoiffure member must be a salon owner of high moral and ethical character. Over time, the formal principles on which Intercoiffure is based have evolved to include fraternity, friendship, fashion and finance. These principles reveal the true benefit of membership—besides the cachet of belonging to the industry’s elite, members may count on the open sharing of knowledge and experience with their fellows.

In 1933, four young men in America pooled their resources to seek admission to the IGDC. Adolf Beicker of Philadelphia, Carl Griesser of Baltimore, Victor Herre of New York, and Emil Ludiche, also of New York, sought recognition for their talent from the European masters. That summer, they were granted membership and became the founding fathers of Intercoiffure America Canada.

The battle for inclusion was won, but the war for total acceptance continued until 1960, when Adolf Beicker assumed the presidency following Carl Griesser’s last presidential term. As president, Adolf Beicker doubled the membership in two years (from 55 to 110 members), introduced semi-annual meetings, publicized the association’s accomplishments, and built Intercoiffure America Canada into what is now one of the most influential sections of the world organization.

A new milestone was reached in 2007 with the election of ICA’s first woman president—Lois Christie of New York. As president, Ms. Christie has revitalized ICA’s events, launched the prestigious Haircolor Council and Makeup Council, and increased membership. In the spirit of ICA’s founders, the association welcomes talented, successful salon owners of high moral and ethical character to its ranks, to share the friendship, knowledge and creativity that have characterized Intercoiffure since its earliest days.

The Beginning


Founding of Masters Ladies Hairdressing Union drawing members from Europe.

First World Congress held in Hamburg


Intercoiffure America Canada Beginning


Group from North America were given membership and founded Intercoiffure America

A Name Change


Name of international group changed to Intercoiffure des Dames under the direction of famed hairstylist Guillaume

A Second Name Change


Name of international group changed again to Intercoiffure Mondial (World). Fashion new incorporated as part of group’s philosophy

American chapter given full acceptance


Now to be known as Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA)

Adolf Beicker, ICA President 1960-1967


Under his direction, image building took priority. Also, the first organization fashion show was held in 1963 with Alexandre of Paris as guest artist. Subsequently, he met with hairdressing legend Vidal Sassoon, then a young unknown, and invited him to be guest artist at the Intercoiffure fashion presentation. In 1965, Intercoiffure introduced “the fall” and its fashion influence was reinforced.

Ralph Most – ICA president 1967-1975


Under him, membership grew to more than 200 members. Also, the annual trends show traveled cross-country and the organization attended its first World Congress. During the seventies, too, joined forces with American fashion designers to tie hair trends to fashion trends. In 1969, the first Atelier took place, now an annual meeting of all members in New York City with the climax, a hair fashion trend presentation.

Roy Longhoffer – ICA President 1975 – 1980


During his tenure, membership continued to grow. It was at this time that a Chairman of a Fashion Committee appointed to oversee the fashion impact expected of Intercoiffure. Also, at this time, the first American World Congress was held.

John Jay, ICA President 1980 - 2002


Intercoiffure America Canada continued to hold its annual Atelier including the trend presentations to all members. It also maintained its position as a salon industry spokesperson presenting fashion forward concepts to its continually expanding membership.

Kenneth Anders, ICA President 2003 - 2006


Under Mr. Anders’ presidency, Frederic Fekkai was appointed Fashion Director, reinforcing Intercoiffure’s image as a fashion forward presence for the salon industry. In 2005, Richard Calcasola was named North American Creative Director of Intercoiffure Mondial, global parent company, and responsible for shaping the perception of beauty with professionals and consumers world wide.

Lois Christie, ICA President 2007-2014


Lois Christie was voted the first female President of Intercoiffure America Canada in 2007.

Frank Gambuzza, ICA President 2015 - 2018


Frank Gambuzza voted in as the President of Intercoiffure America Canada in 2015.

Sheila Zaricor-Wilson, ICA President 2019 -


Sheila Zaricor-Wilson voted in as the President of Intercoiffure America Canada in 2019.