1How can I attend an Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA) show?
If you are a current ICA member/partner visit either the Spring Gathering or Fall Atelier page, login and fill out the online registration form.
2What if I’m NOT a member, can I still attend?
Yes, the Intercoiffure America Canada (ICA) organization welcomes guests if they are interviewing to become a member or guests that are employed by ICA members only. We respectfully do not accept guests of an ICA member to just “check it out”.
3How do I apply to become a member/partner?
Download and complete the appropriate application for the membership that you qualify for and send to the ICA New Members Chairperson. Learn more about becoming a member.
4If I’m already an ICA member, do I still need to register online to access the member area and content?
Yes. There are many resources that are available to you as a member. Please create an account on our website and ICA will grant you access once your account has been approved.
5What do I do if my password doesn’t work?
Use the 'Forgot your password' link on the login page to spur a password reset email. (If you don't receive an email, please check your SPAM folder in case it was marked as SPAM by your email reader). Still no luck? Send us an email.
6What can I expect as an ICA member?
You will have access to network with industry leaders like yourself. Information to help build your business. Bringing key staff members and managers as your guests to attend the Spring and Fall Ateliers is a wonderful way to inspire your entire team. Being an ICA member allows you to gain access to other member’s across the nation to share ideas.
7As a member, am I required to attend the Spring and Fall Ateliers?
Yes. Members are required to support the organization whenever possible. ICA has a Spring and Fall Atelier each year and each show is unique and will never be repeated. This also includes providing our members with the lowest hotel rates when you stay at the venues.
8How do I sign up to attend the Spring or Fall Ateliers?
To attend an Intercoiffure show, you must be an existing member. Or interviewing to become a member.
9May I bring a guest?
Guests of ICA members are always welcome. All guests must be employed by ICA members. No outside guests. If you have a referral for potential membership please have them contact our membership chairperson.
10How do I connect with other members?
By attending the spring and fall shows and making connections with fellow ICA members. The Salon Locator shows you members in your state.
11If I’m applying for membership, how do I obtain a sponsor in my state?
Look up members in your state and reach out to them. Our members are happy to meet potential new members. Ask to visit their salon/s.
12If I’m a 'manufacturer partner' do I need to do anything further to attend the Spring and Fall Ateliers as an official sponsor?
Yes. Please contact us for more information.
13Will I be able to connect one on one with manufacturers?
Yes! Visit one of the manufacturer booths at the show and speak with them one on one. Manufacturers also offer discounts and other offerings exclusively to ICA members. We can help you bridge the gap between you and potential business partners and our hope is that we can assist in building lasting and valuable relationships with ICA salons and manufacturers.