2024 Membership Renewal

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Pricing is for our Members & Class A Partners.
Schools, Manufacturer & Specialty Partners, please contact us for your renewal rate.

A Message from the Board

Members-driven is our priority

As we look at the increased cost of running our businesses, we have all had to adjust our budgets accordingly. With dues as our only source of revenue for ICA, we have voted in an annual dues increase of 10%, to offset inflation. But we also want to give you MORE…

MORE Members Onstage

As the costs of overhead, models and expenses connected to presentations have consistently increased, it has been the sponsors who have funded the councils and brought their teams to our stage. As grateful as we are, ICA should be more member driven– and showcase our MEMBERS’ talents.

MORE Creative Input

So many of you have asked to see more of the members involved on the different councils and onstage, and made suggestions on who to showcase. If only we could show them all! Which lead us to a new idea.

NEW Membership Level:

Be a Benefactor!

Optional add on, from $500.
Benefactors will:

  • Directly influence who’s on-stage by supporting an artist or salon group
  • Support Color, Cutting, Student or Educator presenters (prioritized by donation level)
  • Receive recognition on-stage, on-screen and in event programs
  • Too many ideas? Decide later who you want to support

Just like we do in our businesses, we look for opportunities to grow and to involve more of our talented members. Let’s shape the future together.

Renewal Options

Learn More on How Our Funding Works

  • Intercoiffure America Canada is a 501(c)(6) Membership-based organization, which exists to promote its members’ business interests without the goal of making a profit.
  • Dues and sponsorships are our only sources of income.
  • 27% of our dues go directly to Mondial, leaving 73% for our events and expenses.
  • Our leaders donate their time, we have no paid positions.

Renewal Options