Inaugural ICA-Keune Excellence in Hair Awards Photo Contest

What is it?

A contest to showcase our Intercoiffure America/Canada (ICA) A-Members’ (and their staff), Class A Partners’ (and their staff) work in the categories of: Classic Cut & Color; Avant Garde Styling; and Men’s Hairstyling.

Who can enter?

Entry is limited to ICA A-Members; ICA Class A Partners; and staff of ICA A-Members and Class A Partners.

Please Note:

  • All work submitted should be the sole work of the entrants. All work is accepted in good faith. Instant disqualification will apply to any person abusing this rule.
  • For salons that specialize, each entry must be credited to one stylist or colorist. (For example: Frank and Belinda each enter a photo. Frank cuts Belinda’s model and Belinda colors Frank’s model. Each photo will be credited to ONE person for purposes of this contest.)
  • Photographic material and entries submitted for this award cannot be returned.
  • The judges’ decisions are final.
  • ICA reserves the right to use any photographic entry and entrant’s name for promotional purposes.
  • About hair extensions/wigs/other additions to model’s hair:
    • Men’s Hairstyling – No additions (Cut & Color only)
    • Classic Cut and Color -No additions (Cut & Color only)
    • Avant Garde Styling – Extensions, wigs, ornaments and additions allowed

How to enter?

Send photos.

Image Specifications: All digital images must be submitted digitally. All image files must be in JPEG (.jpg) format. Files must be RGB, at a minimum of 300 DPI and no smaller than 8” x 10”. Photographs and slides will NOT be accepted. Each entry must include the model’s hair before and the model’s finished look. Submit only 1 image of each. Professional photography for model’s finished look is encouraged. All photographs (both before and afters) should be in color as color is a criteria for judging.

*Please label you files with your name, salon/barbershop name, and before/after. (For example – JohnDoe_Joe’s Barbershop_Before.jpg)

Fill out the entry form completely.

Including the signed photographer release, photo release, and model release. May be filled out online or submitted digitally via email. No entries will be accepted by mail.

Send via email to / or fill out the form online to submit entry:

zane at envirolutionary dot comonline

  • If submitting via email, please include the entry form (download forms here) in the email, along with the before and after images.
  • If submitting via the online form, photos can be uploaded through the form.

When are entries due and how are winners selected?

  • Contest opens Thursday, June 1, 6am EST and closes Sunday, August 13, 6pm EST. No late entries will be accepted
  • Judging consists of two rounds
  • The first round involves online voting from ICA’s A-Members and Class A Partners. Online voting opens Thursday, August 17 6pm (EST) and closes Wednesday, August 23 at 6pm (EST)
  • ICA A-Members and Class A Partners will be sent a link to place their votes online. Only one vote per A-Member or Class A Partner will be allowed. Staff of A-Members and Class A Partners are not allowed to vote
  • The first round voting by ICA’s A-Members and Class A Partners narrows the entries to Top 10 Finalists in each category
  • Round two will be judged by members of the media, ICA President – Frank Gambuzza, ICA Artistic Director – Van Council, and ICA Nouveau Director – Perry Monge. They will determine the first, second and third place winners in each category
  • Top 10 finalists in each category and the Top 3 winners in each category will be announced at the Fall Atelier on Mainstage