ICA History

intercoiffure mondial1925

The Beginning

“L’Association Internationale des Maîtres Coiffeurs de Dames” (I.C.D.) was founded in 1925 in Germany by hairdressers from Switzerland, Germany, France and England. In 1930, France created its own Section. After the second World War, the famous hair designer GUILLAUME took the destiny of Intercoiffure in his hands. His successors at the head of our Association were John Pfeil, Alexandre de Paris and Maurice Franck.
Intercoiffure America/Canada1933

Our Beginning

Intercoiffure is an international hair dressing organization. Intercoiffure Mondial is the official name of the original organization founded in Paris in 1925. Eight years later, in 1933, Intercoiffure America/Canada was founded. Intercoiffure is the most powerful and influential organization in the hair dressing industry. Only the leading hair salons become members of this organization. Intercoiffure determines the standards of our industry, sharing this responsibility with its membership from more than 50 other countries.
Intercoiffure America/Canada1967

Ralph Most – ICA president 1967-1975

Ralph Most brought his business knowledge to ICA and had a great impact on the membership by doubling the membership in the 12 years he lead the organization.
Intercoiffure America/Canada1975

Roy Longhoffer – ICA President 1975 – 1982

Intercoiffure America/Canada2002

John Jay voted President

Lois Christie2007

Lois Christie

Lois Christie was voted the first female President of Intercoiffure America/Canada in 2007.
Frank Gambuzza2015

Frank Gambuzza

Frank Gambuzza voted in as the President of Intercoiffure America/Canada.